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Multi Cash Automation belongs to the worldwide leading manufacturers of cash handling products. Our devices are designed to count, sort and dispense various currencies securely in a time-efficient manner. For more than 40 years we’re developing, producing and selling reliable systems with maximum functionality and modern design.

„Simple but perfect“ – our philosophy guarantees easy to use and professionally working cash handling solutions.




Intelligent Deposit System for Coins and Banknotes

Multi Cash Intelligent Deposit

Multi Cash Intelligent Deposit is the perfect solution for efficient and secure deposit and storage of coins and banknotes. In many business environments employees have to get rid of collected money in a safe and transparent manner. 

In addition, the deposit of money should happen quickly, and the bearer should receive a proper confirmation as evidence for the transaction. The MC ID is the ideal combination of coin- and banknote deposit and this series is offering a bunch of different combinations and options to make it fit to your internal processes.

Besides the deposit of cash, the concept foresees different ways of user-identification and an easy way to get the system connected to your internal IT-system.

Mix Counter
Mix Counter

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More than 40 years of experience, reliability, flexibility and efficiency in combination with the impressive design of our products ensure satisfied and long-standing customers.

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