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Multi Cash Automation belongs to the worldwide leading manufacturers of cash handling products. Our devices are designed to count, sort and dispense various currencies securely in a time-efficient manner. For more than 40 years we’re developing, producing and selling reliable systems with maximum functionality and modern design.

„Simple but perfect“ – our philosophy guarantees easy to use and professionally working cash handling solutions.


MSS micro-OEM


OEM coin deposit module

mss micro oem

The MSS micro OEM is a fully equipped coin deposit system to be attached to other devices such as note deposit or note recycling systems, etc. Its clever and simple design approach makes it interesting for a broad field of applications. The whole counting process is being performed on the MSS micro OEM unit itself, means the mother application only has to start the transaction and to receive the final counting data from this side car. Extended cleaning mechanisms warrant maximum availability and due to its slim design it’s even fitting if only small space is available. The well proven technology and its certified sensor makes this unit to a reliable coin-deposit partner for a bunch of self-service solutions.Details


Mix Counter
Mix Counter

Kombination mit Cash Recycler

Coin-bin solution


Geräuscharmes Förderteller mit Reinigungslöchern

Low noise coin disk with cleaning-holes





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More than 40 years of experience, reliability, flexibility and efficiency in combination with the impressive design of our products ensure satisfied and long-standing customers.

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